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The GSE PAC'SYSTEM, coupled with the GSE Integration system, allows you to heat and cool your home. Indeed, in winter, the system recovers the hot air under your panels thanks to the "greenhouse effect", and optimizes its temperature if necessary thanks to the heat pump that it contains. In summer, this heat pump is reversed and thus refreshes the air of your home, while ensuring a constant supply of fresh air throughout the year.


Up to 75% savings on your heating bill.

Up to 10% more photovoltaic production.

Arrangement in portrait or landscape.

Number of panels unlimited according to available surface area (8 to 24 panels)

Reduced size of the collector: installation in converted or lost attic.

Hot air or fresh air temperature controlled by a wireless room unit.

Integrated reversible heat pump for warm and cool winter.


An innovative and ingenious system that allows you to optimize your installation of photovoltaic panels, while making your home more autonomous and less energy-consuming. On the battery side, generate electricity, on the front side, recover fresh air under your panels to make heating or air-conditioning ecological and economical!


  • Save up to 75% on your heating bill
  • Up to 10% increased production on your PV unit
  • Enjoy air conditioning during the summer
  • A Plug n’Play system for easy installation
  • An air purifier - eliminates 99% of allergens
  • Air quality control and remote management
  • Made in France



GES Pac System

GES Air'System