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High light output LED fixture designed for battery containment systems, high ceilings and breeder operations where high light output is required. Dim-to-Red® technology stimulates increased egg production as well as earlier and longer peak laying period. Replaces 60W and 100W incandescent bulbs and up to 23W CFL lamps due to poultry spectral sensitivity. LED technology for high reliability and long lifetime (backed by 5 year warranty) reduces maintenance costs and lost production. Built For Your Barn® design stands up to the harsh environmental conditions in agricultural facilities. Mounts easily into a variety of mounting configurations with specific adapters for each (must be specified when ordering). Recommended for use with a barn dimmer controller and custom lighting program for optimum results.


Productivity Enhancement


Agrishift® LED lighting makes it easy to provide natural daylight simulation for improved productivity. The Dim-to-Red® light spectrum featured by the AgriShift® MLL has been shown to decrease the time to peak production by stimulating ovulation via the release of reproduction stimulating hormones. Sunrise and sunset simulation eliminates the stress of switching lights on and off abruptly. Research and on-farm testing of AgriShift® LED systems have both shown immediate changes in bird behavior, increased performance and lower overall stress indicators.


The Science Behind the Technology


The AgriShift® MLL has a deep red saturated light output, with an added blue and green spectrum, benefiting the vision of your animal. The enhanced red spectrum is the only spectrum which stimulates a hen’s hypothalamic and pineal oscillators, helping maintain circadian rhythms and promotes sexual maturity. It also stimulates the release of two reproduction regulating hormones essential for sexual maturation and daily egg production.




Longevity is guaranteed with the AgriShift® MLL. A 50,000 hour lifetime is backed by a 5 year (24/7) replacement warranty.


  • Fully dimmable
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Enhances productivity
  • Improves animal welfare
  • Advanced 12 W LED system optimized for layers
  • Patented spectral output for avian vision†
  • Dim-to-Red® technology calms flock
  • 5 Year (24/7) 50,000 hour warranty
  • Built For Your Barn® design