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The MLB is specifically for poultry applications


AgriShift® MLB modular lights for broiler and turkey operations was created to help poultry operators significantly reduce electricity costs, decrease labor and maintenance costs, and increase flock performance. AgriShift® MLB lights are more energy efficient than fluorescent, incandescent, and HID counterparts. The savings can provide a fast return on investment, especially when considering the potential availability of energy efficiency rebates.


Compared to other barn lighting systems, these lights have no need for ballasts or transformers. They provide reduced heat generation, and can dim down to 5% which is especially important for maximizing grow out. The wet location rated modular design allows for easy installation in a wide range of applications.


How lighting can enhance flock performance


This is the first line of poultry lights that takes advantage of the visual response of domestic fowl. Because birds are sensitive to different intensities and colors of light, performance can be affected by controlling the lighting. The smooth dimming and color modulation of these lamps allows them to be easily controlled by standard barn dimmers.




Longevity is guaranteed with the AgriShift® MLB. A 50,000 hour lifetime is backed by a 5 year (24/7) replacement warranty.


  • Improves feed conversion
  • Promotes early weight gain
  • Low-profile, wide beam angle
  • Advanced system specialized for poultry
  • 12 W LED equivalent to 100 W incandescent
  • Enhances the welfare of your animal
  • Built For Your Barn® design
  • Patented spectral output
  • 5 Year (24/7) warranty