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The Salmet egg lift moves the entire egg cross conveyor from one tier to another. This way the eggs are collected from each tier at a time. A control unit decides whether to start or stop the operation, chooses the tier level to be collected and defines the speed of the egg belt. The mobile cross conveyor is raised with a lifting device and is lowered by gravity. The egg lift is equipped with a brake to avoid the conveyor from falling and prevents eggs from accidents and damages. Each device has an infinitely adjustable speed control mechanism for the egg belt, offering a maximum egg conveyance of 7.000 eggs per hour and work floor level. The gentle handling of the eggs from the mobile egg cross conveyor to the packer, over the stationary egg cross conveyor, is guaranteed by safety latches and assures highest achievable egg quality.


  • free access to working area
  • moving in and out with the help of containers
  • gentle egg collection
  • decrease of damaged and dirty eggs
  • capacity - 12.000 eggs per hour/work floor level



Salmet Egg Collection/Egg Counting

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