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Ontario Equipment Sales Inc. is an industry leader in Agri-Automation. From simple motor control to complete networking and harvesting of important data for an entire complex, we get the job done right the first time. With system installations ranging continent wide as well as internationally you can count on us for all your Agri-Automation needs.


  • Via Opti-Link Agri Software we can connect you to your farm regardless of your location
  • Compare data historically and also from barn to barn over an entire complex.
  • All data is safely stored on a secure server, available at your fingertips 24/7

Integrated Controls

  • Combine all your controls in the barn in one secure enclosure
  • All controls in one convenient location
  • Reduce cost through control integration, capitalizing on economies of scale
  • Save time with on-site installation, your local electrician just needs to run the field wires with no "design on the fly" required on your time


     Example of what could be in an Integrated Control System

  • Opticon Agri-computer
  • Opticon Bird or PigScale
  • Lighting controls
  • Feed system controls
  • Climate controls (Fans, inlets, misters, heaters, circulation fans)
  • Poultry housing system controls
  • Alarm systems



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